Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Miner's Pass is not science fiction.

This is my painting of a bright red-orange orb. It is a type of UFO that many people have reported seeing.

Miner's Pass is not science fiction. One of my characters is an avid UFO buff. She claims to see them a lot. Never mind she is made fun of, it's her family that loves her freakishness. And now, Joel loves her.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downtown Denver "Ice Castle Canyon"

One spring afternoon, Joel had taken his family to a Rockies Game. Even though the weather was nice this day, Denver had a spring snow storm the day before. On their way out of the stadium area, his wife was crossing the street pushing the stroller with both babies in it. Joel had faltered behind because his shoe was untied. In a split second a drunk driver hit his young family killing them.

This painting is my latest offering to go to Stella's Coffee House on South Pearl St. It shows the North side of the city. The Colorado Rockies play very close to this scene. Just a few blocks from here is where Joel lost everything.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Book Cover for "Miner's Pass"

Sometimes good things happen to good people; people who had bad things happen to them. Joel Sherman is a survivor of two horrific tragedies. He just doesn't believe in good things anymore, at least not for him.
He had chosen a reclusive life on a remote Colorado mountain with his dog Beau.

While driving his Jeep home, Joel and Beau are pushed down a hill by an avalanche.  Joel was facing a certain death with broken bones, cuts, unconsciousness, and stuck at the bottom of a snowy ravine. His dog Beau finds help. He is rescued by a quirky strange woman. Marty Finn made him laugh. He had quit laughing.

"Miner's Pass" is a fun story about forgiveness and joy.