Friday, April 13, 2012

Inky the Crow

When Joel walked into the Little Store at Miner’s Pass, he was greeted by a squawky “Hello”. There was this crow dancing on a perch near the front counter. 
Inky the crow came to Dr. Finn’s veterinarian clinic several years ago. His left wing had been shot and the bullet had shattered the bones.  Marty patched him up as best as possible, but he could never fly again. Marty offered him her home and he accepted. She found it was like having this very bright being, if not a black feathered clever child.

Inky knew several things to say; "Hello." He had mastered,
"Fuck, I mean heck." He must have picked that up from Doc Marty trying not to cuss. "Shush don't say that Inky."

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