Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miner's Pass Little Store

Miner’s Pass Little Store

Did Joel wonder if he had stepped into the “Twilight Zone” when he came into the little store? There was this woman playing space aliens with her daughter. It was December, and Miner’s Pass could be pretty boring for the child. Mostly it was the mother who wanted to play theatre; the girl would have been fine reading a book or watching TV.

Joel only wanted coffee. He was out of coffee and snow was in the forecast. Snow on Miner’s Pass could mean one to four feet easily. It’s better to stay in and not go out. The little store was barely a quarter mile from his place. They had to have coffee at that little store. Beau and Joel had a Jeep. No big deal.

This mother and daughter were funny and sweet. There were old memories and emotions. Joel would prefer to feel nothing.

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